Price By Range with Special Price

$50.00 Inc. Vat

Booking Setup: Price By Range and Special Prices

This product is setup with the Multiple nights booking method which allows booking over the nights. Also, added below price ranges using Price By Range feature.

  1. Per day price will be $45 for 2 to 4 booking days.
  2. Per day price will be $40 for 5 to 10 booking days.
  3. Per day price will be $30 for 11 days onwards booking days.

Special Prices added for Saturday and Sunday as $60. So for the weekend, this price will be considered instead of the range or any other price.

If weekend dates are is falling under the booking selection by the customer then the price calculation of it is elaborated in the product description.

x 1 Hour(s)



Total Range Price: Range’s per day price * Number of days
Per Day Price: Total Range Price / Numbers of day
Special Price: ( Total price for the numbers of days falls under special price )
Number of Regular Days: Total number of Days – Numbers of Special Days
Regular Day Price : ( Per Day Price * Number of Regular Days ) + Special Price

Final Price: Regular Price + Special Price.

E.g Selected start date as 20th July 2018(Monday) and end date as 24th March 2018(Thursday) so price for this selection is coming as $210 based on 1st price by range.

Total Range Price($180) :  $45 * 4
Per Day Price($45) = $180 / 4
Special Price($120) = ( $60 for Saturday + $60 for Sunday)
Number of Regular Days(2): 4 – 2
Regular Day Price($90) = ($45*2)

Final Price $210 : $90 + $120